The Architecture of Sun and Shade

in North Bay Village reverses the ubiquitous repetition that makes multi-unit mid to high-rise projects illustrations of standardized living – everyone forced into the same box. Similarly, wholesale definitions of luxury and upscale lifestyle have come to signify disingenuous sales pitches where things are neither original nor luxurious. The obsession with product has trumped more subtle notions of how to live a quality life without unnecessary noise, complexity and obstruction.

A Distinguished Miami

Celebrities like Dean Martin, Judy Garland, and Frank Sinatra went to North Bay Village during the winter in the 60s and 70s and popularized the islands’ nighttime entertainment scene. Now it evolved into a Floridian refuge with a more permanent residential population where the pace moves slower. It’s a picturesque island and a stylish retreat surrounded by water on all sides. Since North Bay Village is a centrally located island, we’re a 10’ minute drive away from the beach and a 15’ 20’ minute drive away from some great local spots.

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