No unit is the same

No balcony is the same

When you think of architecture, you have to remember the times when you were a child imagining your dream future home

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Design can be art.
Design can be aesthetics.
Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.
Paul Rand, Graphic Designer
The expertise in fashion photography is strongly influenced by our interest in architecture and our technical approach to shape light and composition. With passion, we deliver digital projects.
Sean Tyes, Art Director
For the past four years, we've always been enjoying to experiment new technologies, working with people coming from different backgrounds and creating products that solve business & people needs.
Rhye Kinsey, CEO
We love to design handcrafted intefraces and stylish interactions. We believe good design solves business problems. With passion, we deliver digital projects that impact people lifes
Mark Johnson

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Come home to the lifestyle you deserve at 7918 West Drive.

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