Unit 1103

UNIT 1103 floor plan highlights this 2 bedroom residence's floor plan

One-of-a-kind luxury residence boasts sweeping waterfront views, a signature outdoor living space and a state-of-the-art kitchen. Features include an integrated living/entertaining cooking area with a powder room and an entry foyer with a mudroom. Bask in all the perks of the good life.

A one of a kind on the 11th floor, Unit 1103 boasts a continuous wraparound balcony with a signature outdoor living space and sweeping views facing west and south, from Biscayne Bay to the Atlantic Ocean. It is a true 2-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom residence, featuring a contemporary, integrated living-entertaining cooking area with a powder room; a walk-in closet for the master bedroom; and an entry foyer with a mudroom. Its state-of-the-art German SieMatic kitchen has Cosentino countertops, Miele appliances, and Hansgrohe and Kohler plumbing fixtures. This residence includes features from P&O Global Technology’s services portfolio.


Sq. Footage
Balcony Sq.Ft.
Corner Orientations
South and West


Cooktop: Miele 36” Induction Cooktop

Oven: Miele 30″ Oven PureLine DS Discovery CLST

Microwave: Miele 24″ Speed Oven PureLine DS CLST

Refrigerator: Miele 30″ MCII Fridge Panel Ready Right Hinge

Freezer: Miele 24″ MCII Freezer Panel Ready Right Hinge w/ Water and Ice in Door

Dishwasher: Miele 24″ Classic Dishwasher ADA Panel Ready

Washer: Miele 24” Washer

Dryer: Miele Elect24″ Heat Pump Dryer

The Architecture of Sun and Shade​

This building’s exterior envelope is unlike any other. The play of the balcony outlines in combination with each unique glass line creates deep areas in balconies that are ideal to set up exterior lounge spaces. Thus every residence is a true one of a kind, dened by its own spectacle of shadow and light and individually lived by you.

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